Autumn foliage is a riot of brown, amber, and yellow, dotted here and there with glimpses of blue sky, red leaves, and creeping greys of approaching winter. Variegated cotton in tan, orange and grey, is paired with an amber mohair and wool blend with flecks of blues, red-orange, and purple, and a lambswool merino in yellow heathered with black, brown and red. Use this heavy worsted weight to make a sweater for fall ramblings, mitts to collect wood in, or a large floor pillow to cozy up on in front of the fire.

  • Fiber Content: 45 cotton / 19 mohair / 19 wool / 16 merino
  • Yardage: ~382 yards
  • Yarn Weight: Heavy Worsted
  • Wraps Per Inch: 8
  • Amount on Cone: 8 ounces
  • Care: Hand wash in cold water. lay flat to dry.
  • Knitting Pattern Suggestion: Speckled Shrug
  • Crochet Pattern Suggestion: Apple Crisp Cowl

Speckled Shrug Apple Crisp Cowl

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Autumn's Tweed

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