This blend brings to mind days on the coast, with warm sand dunes and clouds lazily drifting across a pale blue sky. Tan and cream heathered mohair and wool, almond acrylic, pearl bamboo, a rayon and linen in tans, and a variegated cream and blue bamboo, create a thick yet drapey blend. Use to create wraps, a slouchy beanie, or textured cardigan for a day by the sea.

  • Fiber Content: 38 bamboo / 33 rayon-linen / 15 wool / 7 mohair / 7 acrylic
  • Yardage: ~218 yards
  • Yarn Weight: Heavy Worsted
  • Wraps Per Inch: 8
  • Amount on Cone: 8 ounces
  • Care: Hand wash in cold water, and lay flat to dry.
  • Knitting Pattern Suggestion: Togue Pond
  • Crochet Pattern Suggestion: Zola Bulky Stacked Shell Cowl

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Tags: off-white, bamboo, linen, wool, mohair, acrylic, rayon