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How to start a circular crochet project…with no hole in the middle!

***Originally published December 16, 2011***Let’s say you want to make a circular crochet project. Like let’s say, oh, coasters. Most crochet projects that begin from the inside and work their way out (think also, granny squares) begin by crocheting a chain, joining it, and then crocheting an uncomfortable number of stitches into that loop, from which your circle or square will then grow out of.Here’s the tricky part: this method inevitably leaves you with a big hole right in the middle of your work, as these into-the-loop stitches tighten themselves around the original loop. Here...

How to Crochet a Peony

Originally published May 6, 2015I’ve been crocheting a lot of flowers lately!  And these are not just any flowers, these are the flowers that will comprise my good friend’s bridal bouquet at her wedding this July, which she asked me to make for her a few months ago.  We talked about what kind of flowers she wanted, picked out a color scheme from the yarns we have here at the shop, and I’ve been cranking out 2 flowers a week! Here’s one of the main stars of the show: a peony. It’s a fun construction (based upon this pattern), starting in the center and spiraling outward;...

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