Finished Project :: Chevron Lace Cardigan

Originally published January 11th, 2011

Remember back in the fall when I was working on my Chevron Lace Cardigan?  Well, it’s been sitting at 98% finished for quite a few weeks now, and just the other night I had a few minutes to sew on some buttons and call it done.

Dudes, I’m so excited about this pattern.  It is SO simple, SO fast, and totally my style.  I had decided to whip it up in a yarn that had not been such a hot seller, just to test out the pattern, but now that I know how it turns out, I’m psyched to make another with a lighter colored, springier yarn.

Although I have to say, this yarn is one of those that sometimes doesn’t hit the spot when knitted up on Size 8 needles, but once you take a crochet hook to it, it blossoms.  I often feel this way about yarns with rainbow elements, actually, and now that it’s ready to wear, I’m actually pretty jazzed about the colorway. 

It made its debut run in public today when I wore it out to do all my Monday errands (notably today, Pets on Broadway, because…I’m getting a new puppy this weekend!), and I’m wondering if this is a good or a bad thing: while standing at the New Seasons checkout, waiting for my charmingly chatty cashier to ring up my cornucopia of veggies for the week, he pauses and says, “I like your sweater…is it handmade?”

I glowingly told him yes, it was, and he nodded knowingly.  “I could tell.”  Now, I’ve been living in Portland for almost four years; it doesn’t faze me in the least that my striped-sweater-clad checkout guy not only knows the grocery code for Cox’s Orange Pippen heirloom apples offhand but can also spot a hand-crocheted sweater out of the corner of his eye.

But you know, it always makes you stop for a second and be like, that’s a good thing, right?

wool/silk blend :: 700 yards
Cost of materials: $33.60


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