Finished Project :: Coffee Tunic

***Originally published on December 30, 2009***

At long last! This project and I have been in a relationship for over a year now, and it’s finally off the needles and ready to wear. I’m pretty psyched about it because when I started it last spring, I actually didn’t think it was my style at all (I just loved the simplicity of the pattern and the way the yarn knit up!) but for some reason this fall I’ve really been into the belted tunics and fitted t-shirt dresses, and I’m always game for a cowl neck!

Coffee Tunic, knitted in a sportweight bamboo/wool/nylon blend; burgundy with subtle rust-colored highlights. 1200 yards requires approximately 14 ounces in this yarn, making the cost of materials a mere $40!

This project takes stamina, but is super simple with easy every-12-row cabling and basic waist/bust shaping, then picked-up stitches around the neck for the cowl.


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