FO :: Slip Stitch Dish Towel

***Originally published in October 17, 2014***

I’m loving this slip stitch dish towel that one of our sample knitters, Linette, knitted up!

To re-create the yarn we’ve used here, simply visit our Custom Yarn Creator, and build a yarn in your palette that includes one strand of bamboo, and two strands of thin cotton (the ones that say 6720 YPP when you hover over them).  You’ll want to do this twice, with two contrasting colors, and the more similar the shades that you choose for the cotton and bamboo, the more your yarns will look like two contrasting, solid colors, as they do here.  This one large dish towel uses 200 yards, so be sure to enter that at the top of the page, to let us know how much you want.

200 yards

Cotton/Linen Blend

Cost of Materials: $9.05

This is a free dish towel pattern from Purl Soho, and would make a wonderful addition to your kitchen, or a fabulous set of of gifts!


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