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***Originally published on April 24, 2015***

Remember this one?  She was the star of our Fall Knit-Along, and has been proudly displayed in our front window, inspiring dozens of asymmetrical shawls and scarves ever since.

In my version, I mimicked the colors shown in the printed pattern, using a solid fingering weight wool/merino blend, in contrasting red and grey.

Stripe Study Shawl

This wrap is all garter stitch, but the part that keeps it interesting is the short rows, which are what give it this asymmetrical look, with the stripes on one side gathering more closely together than on the other.  After the first few rows, the pattern becomes intuitive and you can keep it in your head while you happily work garter ridges and watch the triangle grow!

Stripe Study Shawl

Merino / Acrylic / Wool | 880 yards

Cost of Materials: $34.38


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