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Tips & tricks for knitting, crochet, and making your own custom yarn at Yarnia.


Stranded Yarn :: How to Combat the "Loops"

***Originally Published March 4, 2015***A recent discussion in our Ravelry group made me realize that there’s something we haven’t talked about in awhile, and that this would be a good place to give a comprehensive overview of some solutions.As you’ve been working with your Yarnia yarn, some of you may have noticed some “loopiness” in your yarn, or what seems like different components of the yarn coming off of the cone at different rates, as you work with it. This can happen for a couple of reasons. Your yarn may have a combination of fibers and strands with different elastici...

Let's Make a List!

Originally published June 22, 2012I love lists.  I love starting a list in neat, ink-driven handwriting, watching the entries accumulate, feeling my heart rate quicken with the pressure of tackling this list, checking the items off with satisfaction.My life is littered with lists: to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, shopping lists (different from grocery lists, thank you very much, Freddy’s), knitting queues, pro/con lists.  But I don’t just love lists, I need lists.  Every so often I stop and have to say out loud, how do I pull all this off?  I ru...

No Tape Measure? No Problem!

Originally published August 12, 2011These are the days of road trips — long drives out to The Gorge with the car packed to the gills, day jaunts out to the hot springs, weekend trips to the lake. But here’s a dilemma I often run into: I’ve packed the perfect knitting project for the car, but a couple hours into it, I get to the part in the pattern where it tells me, work in stockinette stitch until work measures 26″. Now, I’ve learned the hard way that you can’t accurately measure a piece of fabric by throwing it over your knee, on top of a dusty dashboard, or against the...

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