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Waste Reduction at Yarnia: Cone Ends

***Originally Published November 20th, 2015***There is something truly satisfying about turning would-be waste into a brand new product to enjoy — whether it’s cooking with leftovers to come up with an entirely new meal, bringing a shirt you’ve outgrown to a clothing swap and walking out with your new favorite jacket, or figuring out how to turn the byproducts of running a yarn shop like ours into brand new items that have just as much value as the product they were originally supporting the production of.There are a multitude of ways that I see this play out in the day-to-day ru...

Now I Get It

***Originally published on December 9th, 2011***This time of the year holds a really weird energy for me.  Right around now of every year, when it feels like the whole country — both online and off — is deeply entrenched in fall and holiday craziness and shopping frenzies and steaming hot beverages in mitten-clad hands, I jump right on the bandwagon, promoting gift ideas and commiserating with the woes of endless gift lists that we just didn’t get an early enough jump on.But in reality, I don’t personally celebrate any of these holidays, and haven’t since sometime around middle school.&nb...

Yarnia’s “$15 Or Less” Gift Guide

What do you get for that special knitter or crocheter in your life for the holidays?  Well, yarn of course, and of that we have plenty! If you don’t trust your own yarn knowledge to pick out yarn for another, you can always hop on the chat that you see in the bottom left corner of our website and ask for advice. But we also have some other great options for you to choose from, including the experience of letting them design their own custom yarn, themselves.Knitters’ Lotion Bars Dry and chapped hands from knitting, cold weather, or eczema will find relief from this ...

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