Whidbey Weavers’ School :: Day Three

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***Originally published on August 27th, 2015***

Well, knitting, I think you have a new rival for my time.

Because weaving is really, really incredibly fun.

Today the first sample I worked on was this beauty — just simple black and white pattern, but one that I’ve had my eye on since yesterday.

The blocks alternated in a treadle pattern that went 1-2-1-2, then 3-4-3-4, then 5-6-5-6, then 7-8-7-8, which made for a really nice rhythm once I got the hang of it.
Those blocks themselves then alternated in their own pattern, which after a few rounds, I committed to memory as well (ABCD-ADA-DBA: ABCD is easy enough; ADA is an acronym I heard often enough while building out a commercial space for our shop; DBA is common speak for anyone who owns an LLC!), so by the end I was just weaving round after round, without even having to look at the chart.

Then on this one, I got to make up my own pattern of how the A-B-C-D blocks flowed together, and freestyle!  Here’s my own personal design:


Throughout the day, while we were all working on our respective projects, Madelyn would call us in to the other room where we learned the remaining steps of warping a loom.

One thing I found really helpful about this class is that not only are we learning how to do things, but also why you should do them in a certain way (and the pitfalls that happen when you don’t).  I feel like I’m getting to circumvent years of making my own mistakes, by learning from the best!

Around lunchtime, I texted this to Jesse, 80% in jest.  Oh man, I love that guy.

He has no idea what he just agreed to. ‪#‎ivemadeaterriblemistake‬ ‪#‎weavershusbandnewbie‬


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