Breathe new life into your old stash

We often get customers coming in to the shop having found a steal of a bargain at an estate sale, or having visited Peru years ago and carted back pounds of laceweight alpaca yarn on cones, without any plan for it, but just because it was so cheap! But the problem is, unless you’re a weaver or a spinner, these super amazing finds might not be of much use to you, thin as they are.

Unless you wind them together, to thicken them up into a knitting weight yarn. Combine your own coned yarn with itself, or add in some of our strands to bulk it up a little, or give it that extra depth of color that it’s lacking. If your yarn is already coned, we charge only 2 cents per yard to wind it off as thick as you’d like; non-coned yarn is 5 cents per yard.


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