Why is Hemp Yarn So Great?

***Originally published October 16, 2015***

A few months ago we found a wonderful new supplier for our hemp yarn, and we’ve been loving the colorful addition that it brings to our shelf of cellulose fibers, right next to the linen.

Why is this natural fiber so wonderful to use in your knitting, weaving, and crochet?  The reasons are manifold:

  1. Environmental: Not only does hemp require very little water to grow plentifully, but it has very few “insect enemies,” meaning that it is can easily grow without the use of heavy pesticides.  (Cotton, on the other hand, requires heavy doses of pesticides and herbicides to survive; I’ve read figures stating that as much as 50% of the agricultural chemicals in the world are used in the production of cotton!)
  2. Superior Fiber Qualities: As a fiber, hemp covers all the bases.  It’s durable (10 times stronger than cotton), it’s machine-washable, it’s not prone to stretching out like bamboo is, and it’s extremely insulating — meaning it will keep you warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.  And, similar to linen, the more you wash it and wear it, the softer it becomes!
  3. Sustainability: The hemp plant grows extremely fast, coming to full maturity in about 4 months, making it a fiber that’s extremely efficient to grow, without being a drain on our natural resources.

Unfortunately, hemp yarn is PRICEY.  My guess is that this is because there are currently so few suppliers growing it for industrial use (it’s taken me years to find any who will sell a variety of dyed colors, on cones), but hopefully as support for this wonder-fiber grows, this will change and the price will fall to be more in line with the other less expensive cellulose fibers like cotton, rayon, and bamboo.

Come try it out!


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