You can now buy metallic lurex by the cone!

***Originally published on February 12, 2014***

Whoo boy, this has been a long time coming, and you all have been very patient.  You know how when you come in to the shop and ask us for metallic lurex by itself, we tell you it needs to be combined with at least one other strand so that we can wind it onto a cone?  No longer.

We have found a new supplier for our lurex, who sells them on much smaller cones — which means that we can sell them to you without having to wind any off, which takes about a million years on our machine because this lurex is so thin (think 14,000+ yards per pound).

So, beginning this week, all the colors that you see here, plus three more shade cards worth, are available to you in the following sizes:

  • 1100 yard spool: $26.00
  • 5500 yard cone: $63.40
(Discounts available for multiple cone orders)
We’ll soon be carrying a small sampling of these in the shop which will be less expensive, but until we build up our inventory, we will be treating these as special orders, so the price you see above includes our suppliers’ shipping and handling fees.  The price will be lower if you’re ordering multiple cones, if you place an order right before we place one of our own for the shop, and certainly later on down the road once we’re carrying a wider selection in-store.

But for now, just in case you’re jonesing for some metallic lurex to use in your projects, these are available for purchase as early as today.
Click here to view all 4 shade cards and to place an order.


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