• Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash

Super excited to wash some knits! 100ml Eucalan lanolin enriched no-rinse wool wash is now available for $5. A bottle will give you approximately 20 washes and comes in Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Natural/Unscented, and Wrapture, which is enriched with jasmine oil!

The derivative of the company name, Eucalan, is the combination of two of the prominent ingredients from the original product formula -- eucalyptus and lanolin. The eucalyptus scented product is still available along with sweet-smelling lavender (which like eucalyptus has moth-inhibiting qualities) and grapefruit, which has natural disinfectant properties. There is also a non-scented option for people with scent sensitivities and the newest jasmine scented "Wrapture."

In addition to its ecological value, the practical significance of Eucalan is that it can be used in both front and top-loading washing machines as well as in a basin for hand-washing. And with its unique no-rinse benefit, Eucalan is the perfect travel companion, making it simple to wash delicates in away-from-home accommodation and hotels.

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Eucalan No-Rinse Wool Wash

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