Based on the painting of the same name in the Doctor Who series, it is cozy, warm and vibrant.  Dark blue merino is surrounded in sumptuous orange merino and alpaca, and is shot through with copper rayon - metallic for a burst of shine.  This worsted weight is perfect for scarves, cowls, sweaters and would look amazing pair with a dark solid for colorwork.  Care: Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry.


  • Fiber Content: 40 merino / 21 alpaca / 21 rayon-metallic / 18 wool
  • Yardage: 466 yards
  • Yarn Weight: Worsted
  • Wraps Per Inch: 9 WPI
  • Amount on Cone: 8 oz.
  • Care: Hand wash / lay flat to dry
  • Knitting Pattern Suggestion: Grove
  • Crochet Pattern Suggestion: Digory Mittens

Grove Digory Mittens


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The Pandorica Opens

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