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I’m Designing a Dress (Part I)

*** Originally published January 8th, 2013 ***Yep, I’m designing a dress!  This was one of those ideas that popped into my head so forcefully while I was at work one day that, feeling a little bit possessed, I had no option but to grab a piece of paper and start sketching out my idea. I’ve designed dresses before, but in the past these have essentially been my favorite knitted skirt pattern, and my favorite camisole pattern, merged.  I did get some extra attention for throwing a knitted belt into the mix, but really, I’m up for more of a challenge this time.  I wa...

Lace Patterns: Charted or Written?

***Originally Published September 23, 2011***A couple weeks ago, I arrived at work, delighted to find this email from my friend Dory in my inbox: Hollis responded by saying that in our sample size (of two) she threw things off, because while preferring mapped directions to get around town, she likes written instructions better in her knitting patterns. I thought about this, and realized, I’m equally incongruous, but in the opposite way!  Here’s my response: Ha! That’s so funny, because I balance out the F-ed up sample size of two.  I prefer charted lace directions, bu...

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