Metallic Lurex Knitting Yarn

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Lurex is the registered brand name for a type of yarn with a metallic appearance. Metallic Lurex knitting yarn is made from synthetic film, onto which a metallic aluminium, silver, or gold layer has been vaporized. Lurex is a great way to add the perfect amount of shimmer to your yarn.

While lurex knitting yarn is extremely, extremely fine (think embroidery floss), it may be combined with other, thicker yarns to add the perfect amount of shimmer or glitter to your work. You can do this at home on your own, by purchasing the lurex separately and carrying it with your yarn while you knit, or you may purchase cones of yarn that already have lurex incorporated into them, so there’s less work for you!

Lurex will show best in your work if you’re making nice, loose stitches, or especially if you are incorporating it into a lace project that uses a lot of openwork. The more chances the yarn has to catch the light, the more you’ll see the lurex’s wonderful shimmer!

If you prefer to work with the lurex by itself, you may order lurex from us in a multitude of shades, and in two different spool sizes. metallic yarn varieties

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