Learning to weave, weaving yarn, weaving tools.


Whidbey Weavers School: Day Two

***Originally published on August 20, 2015***Today we began collaboratively warping one loom, something we’ll be doing in stages, each of us taking a turn at another part of it, while in the meantime getting to rotate around between more and more of the sample projects on the looms and weaving different types of patterns. Learning how to use a warping board to measure the yardage we’ll need for the warp The fact that it will take us the better part of a week, all 15 of us collaboratively warping a loom together, seems to be a pretty good indication of how time-consuming...

Whidbey Weavers School: Day One

Originally published on August 12th, 2015I feel abundantly fortunate that what I’m about to tell you about is a legit business expense.  I just spent a full work week up on Whidbey Island attending The Weavers School, Weaving I.  My goal for this class was to learn the basics of weaving — to learn enough of the language, the process, and the methodology that I’d be able to converse comfortably with all of our weaving customers.When I opened Yarnia nearly 8 years ago, I soon developed 2 accidental side businesses that I had never even considered: selling empty cardboard cone...

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