Rayon Yarn

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Many people believe that rayon yarn is a synthetic fiber like nylon or acrylic, but it is not; it’s actually made from wood pulp and processed the same way as bamboo. Rayon feels soft and comfortable against the skin. Often referred to as artificial silk, fiber silk, wood silk, or art silk before the term “rayon” was coined in 1924.

Rayon does not have much memory, but if stretched out can be blocked back into shape. Be especially careful not to stretch rayon when it is wet, as it will have less strength and be less able to recover from stress.

The wood pulp is chopped up and soaked in a caustic soda solution, squeezed, shredded, and fermented. Finally, it is forced through a spinneret where the liquid streams harden into fiber. Rayon yarn feels soft and comfortable against the skin. It is extremely receptive to dye and can have a brilliant, lustrous surface. Heavy rayon garments may stretch out of shape over time, and require more frequent re-blocking. Although highly moisture-absorbent, once wet it loses strength significantly and is less able to recover from stress.

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  • Type of fiber: Cellulose (derived from plant)
  • Hand: Heavy and excellent drape
  • Care: Hand wash recommended

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