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***Originally published on July 31, 2015***

This is a pattern that had been in my queue for a looooong time before I finally cast on for it last year.  In fact, I wound up the yarn for this one back in 2013, and had been sitting on a fat cone of it for years until the time was finally right.

And, while many parts of the project are relatively mindless — easy stockinette knitting at a fairly small gauge — there are other parts that do require some serious concentration.  The radial yarn-overs, which give this pattern its distinctive eyelet holes, force you to keep track of two different parts of the pattern at once: you’re counting how many stitches are in between each eyelet, which is dictated by a table that looks complicated until you wrap your head around it, and simultaneously working short rows to give the cardigan its flared edges.

When finished, you could pin the outside layer to wear this as a wrap…

Or leave it open (which is how I like to wear it) for a casual, flared look.

For this project I used a yarn that was mostly burgundy in color, matching my favorite shade of wine-colored bamboo with a nearly identical shade of wool, and then pairing that with a very thin variegated cotton, which is where those occasional blue flecks come in.  It made for a super soft but durable sport weight yarn, perfect for an outer garment like this one.

Vitamin D Cardi

1200 yards


Cost of Materials: $60.64


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