Holbrook Shawl

Originally published August 14, 2015

You may remember seeing The Holbrook Shawl in some WiP posts about a year ago, as I was knitting it for my good friend’s wedding last June.

Most notably, it was a blocking feat of pretty epic proportions.

Of course, at the wedding itself, we were all far too busy celebrating to even think about taking some nice photos of Kate wearing the shawl (it was a warm day, and Summer Solstice to boot, so she didn’t end up wearing it for much of the evening).  But, I just recently received some of the official photographer’s shots, and can now share the finished project with you here!

That dress was made by our amazingly talented friend, Carolyn!

You’ll notice that she’s also wearing some matching wristies — one of her favorite year-round accessories.  For these, I wound up a few extra ounces of the same yarn that Kate and I had designed together at Yarnia, and gave it to our friend Crystal, who crocheted these lacy accoutrements to match.

  • Fiber Content: 45% bamboo / 28% rayon / 21% alpaca / 6% silk
  • Yardage Needed: 750 yards
  • Cost of Materials (excluding wristies): $47.26


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