Machine-Washable Yarns in our Online Shop

Pssst! Did you know that if you’re looking for a machine-washable yarn for a specific project, all those yarns have their own separate section in our online shop?

Here’s the easiest way to find them: From the shop homepage, move your cursor over to “Yarn” in the top menu bar.

Hover over that word, and a menu will drop down displaying different options for how to shop our yarn selection.

Next, hover your cursor over "House Blends."

Once you do, you'll see another menu appear that shows all the different types of House Blends you can choose from. At the very bottom of that list you'll see the "Machine-Washable" option.

Click this, and you'll pull up a screen that shows all of our machine-washable yarns all at once (as of the writing of this post, we currently have 38 in stock)!

Unsurprisingly, many of these yarns overlap with our “wool-free” section, which we implemented a few years back after noticing that so many of our customers were wanting yarns that don’t include wool — or any animal fibers at all for that matter. You can get to the Wool-Free section by doing this exact same thing, and selecting “Wool-Free” from that same drop-down menu.


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